Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Now this is what I was waiting to put up and for all of you to see.. My newest creations with LEGOS ... I love my legos. I love creating new designs with my lego pieces! I tell you, ... I can sit with my legos the whole day long and still not be bored!!! HAHAHA.....

My super creations for you all -

 The Lego Bathroom

The Lego Telephone

The Lego Helicopter

The Lego Thief and Police

The Lego satellite

The Lego Arctic Boat

The Lego Time Machine

The Lego Arctic detector

Let's start with the best part - MY TOY COLLECTION !!!!

I HAVE BEEN MISSING FOR 5 YEARS HERE!!!!!... OMG!!! Time to be back and with a BANG!!!... So here I come----------------

So many things I did in these 5 years!! But no worries... I will put them all up sooonnn..... so keep a watch.....