Friday, March 26, 2010

me at work and play

messy play time........

Creating something new!....

rhymes- yes of course i know!

ok now for some rhymes!!!


playing games!!

durre ???

Durre durre song and dance??? i dont know... what it is!!... he he he


Yes!! i did the sketch of Wall-e..... my latest passion!! Papa get me the Wall-e toy fast!


puppies in our Colony park!!

my sketches!!

yes u r right!.... the first one is a van going on the road!... and the second one is not just any person, its Lord Krishna!! see the peacock feather on the head?? :)

(from left anticlockwise) yup!! a duck, a fish over the waters, a monkey and yes see i write my numbers soo very neatly!!!

me and myself!!!

IPL Fever?????

ooopss.... me too caught with the IPL fever!!!!!.... learning to bat directly from the aces!!!!!

Lesson-1 : observe and hit!!

Lesson-2 : Always try for a 6!!

Lesson-3 : very important- always wear helmet and play!! safety to ur head... lest u might hit the tv with ur bat and it breaks!!!!

which one do u prefer???

Computer genious Sanvrit!

Gamer Sanvrit!

Pandit Sanvrit!

Doctor Sanvrit!