Thursday, April 19, 2018



He has been an inspiration to many scientist around the world. But his death on March 14, 2018 had shook the world. On his tribute I decided to make his wheelchair on which he roamed around the universe with legos.......


I make a lot of clay models. So, sometimes i watch few of my favourite channel clayclaim's video. But my eye fell on one model of his which was jaw dropping. I then thought to draw it. It came out B-E-A-utiful. And I now present you from the overwatch game - REAPER

I am basically a star wars fan . A new movie is releasing on May 25, 2018 - SOLO : A STAR WARS STORY. The villain is a female gangster named ENFYS NEST. A very beutiful character. She has become my favourite villain character. That is why I had to draw her.


It's 2018 and my summer vacation begins in style. TIME TO UPLOAD SOMETHING STYLISH.

Friday, December 9, 2016

ERASER ARTS!!!!!!!!!!!

ERASER ART!!!!!! I know the last is funny one..


I love arts .... my dream was to become an artist (Well tennis player too ...... you might not know about this). On his birthday I drew his portrait. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 75TH GRANDPA 

Saturday, October 31, 2015

The chicken

Have u ever seen a chicken like this one????? The Special Lego chicken !!

Please come to sanvritsworld pizza centre!!!!!delicious pizza

The pizza outlet

Pizza cutter!! :O :O

I love PIZZA.... ummmm... yuuummm

Oh and here comes the pizza oven!...
The oven !!

The railway station

Trying to create a railway station scene. During my recent trip to Bangalore, I observed many things and it inspired me to try the same with legos............

The Bengaluru Metro

Luggage carrier

Rajdhani Express

Station refreshment center

A bench for the travellers

Train engine

The oil carrier

the steam engine

One more luggage carrier

The satellite

This is my sattelite . I have asked the ISRO to send it for second mangalyan mission . 
Well its name is MANGALYANSANVRIT - II


My very own Castle!

 This time i made a news channel truck! Can you see all the details that I added there!!

The media is here, how can the police be far behind??? SO here comes the POLICE on his super bike!!!

I even go to the Arctic regions.. :D ... And when I am there I use my snow mobile!!!

I made the vehicles... But wait... they also need regular servicing... parts get damaged or they might just need some oiling.... Not to worry..... Here comes the SERVICE TRUCK !!!!


Now even I own a helicopter!!

This is a service helicopter !!!
Which design do u like???

A lego Computer

Your computer not working?? Use mine!!! A lego Computer! I assure you it is the faster and the best computer in the world!!!

A lego Bathroom!!!!

I made a BATHROOM design with my legos!!!! Can u see the details??? the toilet, the taps, shower, bucket!!!!!

One more design of the BATHROOM!!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Now this is what I was waiting to put up and for all of you to see.. My newest creations with LEGOS ... I love my legos. I love creating new designs with my lego pieces! I tell you, ... I can sit with my legos the whole day long and still not be bored!!! HAHAHA.....

My super creations for you all -

 The Lego Bathroom

The Lego Telephone

The Lego Helicopter

The Lego Thief and Police

The Lego satellite

The Lego Arctic Boat

The Lego Time Machine

The Lego Arctic detector

Let's start with the best part - MY TOY COLLECTION !!!!

I HAVE BEEN MISSING FOR 5 YEARS HERE!!!!!... OMG!!! Time to be back and with a BANG!!!... So here I come----------------

So many things I did in these 5 years!! But no worries... I will put them all up sooonnn..... so keep a watch.....

Saturday, January 29, 2011

my 5th BIRTHDAY!!!!